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Web 2.0 application development is based on the cloud services of Web 2.0. It is one of the modern technologies. People, who are familiar with computer terminologies, would know the significance of 2.0. This normally refers to a version of particular software or computer related product. The Internet is perhaps the most powerful tool in modern society. Lifestyles and working cultures have been changed since the advent of World Wide Web. A Web 2.0 development company is primarily focused on providing necessary service for a website development on Web 2.0 platform.

What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 application development is more than just website designing. Previously, websites had been more or less contained within the scope of static pages. As newer web technologies evolved, the web started to become more dynamic and interactive. The term, 'Web 2.0', was primarily coined to describe those websites which encouraged following the dynamic paradigm. In relation to Web 2.0 design standards USA, the thing that is needed to be remembered is that web 2.0 is not an upgraded version of World Wide Web. Web 2.0 defines the cloud of changes that the web users, developers and clients alike, use regarding the web.

Any web 2.0 design company would know the importance of social media on Internet. Web 2.0 design standards comprises of many things, including social networks, blogs, wikia and video sharing plug-ins et cetera. Animation, flash web design and movies are also part of customisation of Web 2.0.

Characteristics of Web 2.0

Web 2.0 application development largely depends upon the defining characteristics of the web 2.0. After the extensive usage of web 1.0, it was realised that retrieving information is not the only thing that the Internet can be used for. Web 2.0 came with more facilities of storing and software supports through browsers. Social networking websites are the prime example of this era of World Wide Web. With emergences of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google Plus and LinkedIn et cetera, social media became an integral part web experience. That is why any websites, which are built on web 2.0, are equipped with social media plugins or facilities by a web 2.0 development company.

Technologies of Web 2.0

Technologies that are provided by web 2.0 are pretty advanced. The client side scripting of any website is oriented towards making the website more and more attractive and interactive. Ajax and extensive set of JavaScript libraries are being used as a part of this web development movement. A Web 2.0 development company is expected to use advanced technologies like Jquery, YUI library and many other frameworks.

Users are enabled to interact with a web page. Ajax and many other dynamic technologies are used to interact with databases. Details can be fetched from database as well as they can be given by the users. A web 2.0 design company should have employees who are well aware of these technologies.

Web 2.0 application development is the modern approach of developing and interacting with websites. The quicker people get accustomed with it, the better it is for the future of web.

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